Don't get scared off thinking this is going to be an article that is all woo-woo. Stick'll thank me later.

    What is Mindset?

    Mindset refers to how you think about something. Many people think of this as being passive, as in "sorry...that's just how my mind works". But the truth is that you can control how your thoughts, and your thoughts control your actions.

    Ok, fine...but what does that have to do with podcasting?

    Podcasting isn't something that you can just do here and there when you feel like it, not if you want to be successful at it anyway. In podcasting, consistency is a big deal. If you have decided that you will put out an episode every week on Tuesday at 6am, then you have to hold yourself to doing that each week. 

    At first this will be easy. You will have all of the excitement of launching the podcast. You might even watch your baby climb the charts on iTunes New & Noteworthy. Whoo hooo. But at some point you will hit that wall where listenership has leveled off, or the content that you are putting out is less interesting to you, or something along these lines. It is then that you will have a hard time meeting your Tuesday 6am deadline.

    This is where mindset comes in. Before you even launch your podcast, create a goal that you are going to hold yourself to. Maybe it's 1 year; maybe it's 100 episodes; or maybe it's a set number of downloads like 50,000. Whatever goal you choose, be sure that it is far enough out that by the time you reach it you would have no doubt in your mind that you should keep the podcast going or begin one of your exit strategies.

    I have heard time and time again hugely successful podcasters say that they hit a spot where they almost quit. They look back and laugh while thinking "man, if I would have quit back then I never would have become the _____________________ that I am today". 

    Give yourself the chance to be successful. Create that goal and keep putting out your content until you hit that goal. Once you do, it's time to create a new goal.

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